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JKL Recycling, State of Minnesota (1553) Program Year 11 registered stakeholder. Our business focus is collection, recycling, recycling fundraisers for local schools , data protection, reuse and repair of all electronic waste stream items for Minnesota business's and households. By proxy JKL Recycling wants to save and protect environmentally what Minnesota has to offer for everyone that calls it home.

Services Provided By JKL Recycling.

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Electronic Recycling -Data Destruction


Business and HouseholdElectronic Waste Recycling


 JKL Recycling Collects and Recyclesall electronic waste items e.g. desktop computers, laptops, cellphones, tablets, toner and ink cartridges, printers, scanners fax machines and more. JKL Recycling also offers Data Protection services for computers or other devices containing sensitive information.

Recycling Items costs are rated at .20 per lb. Need us to transport these items for you? We would be more then happy to. Starting transport rates are $20.00 and change base on quantity of items and distance.

Data Destruction either by software NSA Standards (US DoD 5220.22-m)  Physical Data destruction by high powered NSA certified degausserthen crushed. Certificates of data destruction provided if requested. - Rates for data destruction varies based on method required.

To reserve your Business or Household Electronic waste transport or drop off appointment please feel free to contact us.

Computer Services

Feel free to contact our Brainerd sales office  for Computer repair services and Computer Resale Items. We are in a constant flow of selling newly refurbished Laptops - Desktop Computers And Computer components. - Appointments only


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